IT Services Support

We can connect to your computer in minutes via TeamViewer Quick Support 




IT Support Agreements Simple Per Month Fee 

To stay protected , updated , backed-up and support for your IT Problems. 


What we cover 

- Windows / Apple Operating System

- Email , Internet 

- Office 365 Software 

- Printing / Scanning 

- Backup / DR Process (Backup to Cloud is chargable per GB)

- Antivirus Software 

What we don't cover  

- Business Specific Applications i.e your accounting software, graphic design etc. We certainly can provide complete backup for these apps.  Support is usually provided by the company your business software comes from so we can work with them if needed to resole a problem. This isn't covered under maintenance.. 

- Hardware Breakdown, we certainly sell new computers & servers and can provide parts to fix out of warranty computers or lodge service call for in warranty computer.. 

What's included

- Unlimited Remote Support Per PC / Server

- 4 Calls Outs Per Month On Site 

- Backup Software On Premise / Cloud

- Antivirus Software

- Software Updates for Operating Systems 

- Preventative Maintenance , Computer Improvements. 


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